Building peace in the minds of men and women

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3 colleagues from UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa- Nairobi, Kenya

Georges Boade, Statistical Advisor, UIS

“We need to discuss more about efficiency, and the type of targeted response to the needs of the countries. Moreover, it is important to reflect upon human resources, having the right person in the right place. To deliver in an efficient way, people must have the right skills and competencies to strategically think and reinforce UNESCO and its work”.

“We need to reinforce the way we match competencies with human resources in strategic positions”



Maurice Asudi, Finance and Administrative Assistant

“I wish to see UNESCO as an organization, known and recognized by the people we serve”. Communication and visibility are of paramount importance to deliver the right message and engage in long-term partnerships (public, private, foundations, etc). If the public, existing partners and new potential ones understand who we are and what we do- building peace in the minds of men and women- we can continue serving the populations of the world”

“What I believe in is promoting and carrying on with peace initiatives, which imply a long-term impact through education and training, higher commitment from partners, and sustainability over time. All cultures promote peace. We just need someone to interpret it in the different countries. Educate is an investment for lifetime, which is cascaded, generation after generation, to bring Sustainable Peace”.



Judith Ogana, National Programme Officer, Culture sector

“I envision a UNESCO that keeps the Spark – the mojo- alive, allowing staff to put innovative ideas into practice, using our inventiveness to inspire and to be inspired. I believe in incentivizing innovation and creative approaches to our work. UNESCO can streamline internal processes to enable efficient, less bureaucratic internal systems of communication and accountability.  In the field of Culture, UNESCO is well-known internationally for its interventions on World Heritage Sites. Responding to global trends, we are now talking about the importance of the creative economy and the role of young women and men in creative industries. To keep pace with global change, UNESCO needs to be more dynamic, utilize fresh ideas to engage with partners- that, in turn- should also be dynamic and active”.

“Creating opportunities that encourage career upward mobility for women is also important; UNESCO should definitely and collectively address the issue of women’s career progression with policies, targeted-interventions and decisive solutions, for a gender-balanced organization”.

“Refreshing visibility of UNESCO can give us a more dynamic role in engaging with the shape of the new world, able to conceive phenomenal ideas that can bring about positive change in the world”.



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