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New Mobility Policy

Boosting career progression and ensuring a smooth transition in function of programmes

Hong Kwon, Director of Human Resource Management

Hong Kwon, Director of Human Resources Management, is one of the driving forces behind the new managed mobility policy. This exercise is a first for UNESCO. Key factors to ensure its success include an agile project implementation, a dynamic communication campaign, constant engagement with staff and managers, establishment of best practices based on lessons-learned and a transparent and inclusive process.

What is the role of mobility in career progression?

Mobility is a part of our talent management framework, which aims to ensure that the Organization has the flexible workforce it needs, together with workforce planning, recruitment, learning and development and performance management.

Mobility is a means of career development. Through mobility, staff members should further acquire the new skills and gain exposure to diverse opportunities, especially in the field – which will facilitate career development within UNESCO. 

By opening the mobility exercise to voluntary participants through the inclusion of vacant posts in the pool, we will increase the opportunities for staff movements. This will enable the Organization to strike a balance in horizontal and vertical career progression, thanks to equal-grade moves facilitated by mobility and moves to a higher grade facilitated by recruitment.


How do you intend to address the impact of mobility on highly specialized posts?

The mobility policy includes elements that will allow managers to ensure the specialization required for implementation of their programmes and priorities. The Sectors are requested to develop strategies that will include analysis of their needs with regard to highly specialized posts both at Headquarters and in the field. Every movement of staff should be accompanied by a plan to replace staff members subject to mobility with relevant expertise to ensure a smooth transition and functioning of programmes.