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The new Strategic Workforce Planning is an initiative developed by the Working Group on Operational Efficiency and HRM as part of UNESCO’s Strategic Transformation.

The initiatives aims at reducing staff shortages, recruitment timelines and ensuring that staff receive the right development and learning opportunities. It also aims to cut down and lower staffing gaps and blocks to career advancement. This project will be implemented though a coordinated approach to workforce planning between HRM and the Sectors to identify the priority and strategic staffing issues and also the key staffing risks across the Organization.

The Strategic Workforce Planning will help us deliver our mandate more effectively through a strong understanding of existing and future staffing needs. Thanks to this initiative, the UNESCO’s staff will benefit from more career opportunities and the well-being will increase as a result.

This project is essential for the UNESCO for many reasons:

  1. It ensures that UNESCO has the right workforce skills to deliver its mid-term strategic objectives
  2. It allows the anticipation of which are the best people related strategies and actions to address skills gaps at the local and UNESCO wide level.
  3. It enables UNESCO to choose the best strategy to deal with resource realities more efficiently.

A pilot initiative will be rolled out with one sector from June to December 2019 before the approach is rolled out across the Organization in 2020.