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Category 2 Centres & Strategic Transformation

Alexandre Barbosa – Head of the Regional Centre for Studies on the Development of the Information Society (

UNESCO Category 2 Centres constitute an important mechanism to provide effective and strategic contribution to the achievement of the objectives set forth in the Organization’s five existing fields of competence. Furthermore, these centres have the potential to create synergies that can support and facilitate a large number of UNESCO´s action lines, including those related to broader UN initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as more specific and thematic agendas such as the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

Although not legally part of UNESCO, Category 2 Centres bring to the Organization expertise and knowledge, providing a valuable and unique contribution to the implementation of UNESCO’s strategic programme objectives. Category 2 Centres can effectively contribute to UNESCO´s strategic transformation, and according to their capacities, context-specific opportunities can be explored to maximize benefits for all.

In this context, mapping the challenges faced by the Centres is therefore strategic so that they can be transformed into opportunities, as to ensure long-term sustainable institutional capacity in accomplishing their mission along with UNESCO. A potential challenge that Category 2 Centres may face is how to increase engagement in a broader network of existing Centres under UNESCO´s different fields of competence. Expanding collaboration with other Category 2 Centres would allow the exchange of experience and knowledge, such as learning how other Centres are bringing innovations into UNESCO´s initiatives and finding solutions for common problems.

Additionally, it is important to highlight the need of enhancing Centres´ abilities to positively influence the debate on public policies in their fields of activity.