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Ethics Office

Ethics Guidance

The Ethics Office will provide advice on situations to make sure the personnel will share the principles and values of the United Nations. International civil servants should adhere to these guiding principles:


Employees are expected to:

    • reflect the values of UNESCO in their activities and conduct
    • make decisions without consideration for personal gain
    • resist political pressure in decision-making
    • ensure power or authority is not abused
    • seek to promote the Organization’s interests at all times
    • take prompt and effective action to deal with unprofessional or unethical behaviour
    • make appointments and award contracts based on merit and transparency


    Employees are expected to:

    • show pride in their work
    • demonstrate the highest standards of competence
    • be conscientious and efficient in meeting goals and commitments
    • be motivated by professional objectives rather than personal concerns
    • show persistence when faced with problems or challenges
    • treat colleagues fairly and equally, with dignity and respect  encourage teamwork 

    Respect for diversity

    Employees are expected to:

      • work effectively with people from all backgrounds
      • show respect for and understanding of diverse points of view
      • avoid stereotyping
      • show no discrimination against any individual or group