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29th Session of the IOC Assembly

Side events

The IOC Assembly provides an opportunity for parallel exchanges on current ocean-related issues.

Below is a list of side events organized this year between 21 and 29 June 2017.

  • 13:00-15:00 - IIOE-2: Detailed update, future plans, opportunities for Member States
    Description: The IIOE-2 is overseen by the IOC, SCOR and IOGOOS and is now in its second year. The international Steering Committee is fully established, comprising some 50 members deriving from about 20 Member States, three IOC regional bodies, and supported by 13 science/operational teams with a multi-national constituency, as well as by a Joint Project Office, with nodes in Australia and India. Some 20 research initiatives, generally also involving cruises, have already been endorsed, with many already completed or underway. The IIOE-2 constituency is achieving early successes, and working hard to also address challenges to optimize the IIOE-2’s legacy, with an important focus on knowledge transfer activities through IIOE-2 enabled Capacity Development. This side event will present an update as well as future plans and opportunities for IOC Member States.
  • 13:30-14:30 - G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Working Group – Plans and Progress
    Description: Adrian Martin (UK National Oceanography Centre) will be providing an update on the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Working Group. As activities get well underway, this presentation will include a summary of work to date as well as a forward look as we approach the G7 Science Ministerial meeting in September. This G7 Initiative was established to support the achievement of SDG13 and SDG14 by developing the stronger scientific knowledge necessary to assess ongoing ocean changes and their impact on economies. An enhanced understanding of these changes will enable us to, together, develop more appropriate and coordinated policies that ensure the sustainable use of the oceans and seas. A Q&A session after the short summary talk will provide IOC members the opportunity to share their vision for this work as we enter an important period for the initiative.
  • 13:00-15:00 - Fisheries and oceans
    Description: coming soon.
  • 13:00-15:00 - MAREANO and The Nansen Programme  Increased knowledge for improved ocean management
    Description: coming soon.
  • 18:30-20:30 - Preparing for the Next Tsunami
    Description: Organized by the NOAA/NWS Tsunami Program and The Nature Conservancy in partnership with the IOC Tsunami Unit, this side event seeks to describe the international scope of tsunami detection, forecasting, preparedness and mitigation capabilities. It will highlight the important role that the United States and other IOC Member States have played in helping to establish and maintain a global tsunami detection, forecast and warning capability, and describe how this can become an even more capable and sustainable system in the future. Finally, this event will present advances in community preparedness that have been achieved to include the establishment of Tsunami Ready Community Recognition pilot programs.
  • 18:30-21:00 - Ocean literacy for all: A global strategy to raise awareness for the conservation, restoration, and sustainable use of our ocean
    Description: Organized in partnership with the Flanders Marine Institute and the World Ocean Network, this side event has the main objective of presenting to Member States some of the most interesting projects on ocean science education and communication the IOC is undertaking together with its main partners in the field. In addition, some possible future projects will be presented as well.