II Reunión Presencial del Consejo Técnico Consultivo de Alto Nivel del Laboratorio Latinoamericano de Evaluación de la Calidad de la Educación (LLECE)

When :

from Monday 4 February, 2019
to Tuesday 5 February, 2019

Manager :

Atilio Pizarro

Type of event :

Categoría 6 - Comité de Expertos

Where :

Washington, DC, United States of America

Co-organiser: Inter-American Development Bank
Contact: d.salvadores(at)unesco.org

The US capital provides the venue for this meeting organised by the Latin American Laboratory for Assessment of the Quality of Education (LLECE), which is based at the Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago).

The meeting is part of the implementation of the Regional Comparative and Explanatory Study (ERCE 2019), which will be applied during 2019 in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

The meeting of the High-Level Technical Advisory Board (CTAN) takes place during the results analysis stage of the ERCE 2019 pilot study, and aims to review the main progress made and provide recommendations for the final configuration of the instruments that will be part of the definitive study.

This second in-person CTAN meeting is one of the main technical mechanisms for obtaining inputs to safeguard the decisions of the countries during the application of this research activity at the regional level.

The meeting is organised into thematic blocks, each of which will present the progress that has been made by the partners implementing the project and the main difficulties that have arisen, as well as situations in which guidance from the Board is required. On this basis, technical discussions will be held that will culminate in recommendations from the Board regarding the work of the partners who are implementing ERCE 2019.