Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Temi Mwale

“Studies show that long-term exposure to violence has huge implications on psychological health. Despite this evidence however, austerity measures in my country have meant that the needs of young people that have witnessed violence at home or in the community are just not being met. This leads to unaddressed mental health problems, unemployment, homelessness and substance abuse. Young people are marginalized, disenfranchised and alienated, with few opportunities to influence change in their communities and in society more generally.”
“The 4Front Project is a youth-led social enterprise with the mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. We believe that we must respond to violence with compassion not aggression, understand violence in context, empower people to respond to violence, co-produce solutions to violence and, most importantly, ensure that young people and their communities are at the forefront of solutions.”
“My organization addresses violence by creating holistic, youth-led interventions that are delivered in community, educational and criminal justice settings. We empower young people to challenge the systemic conditions that generate violence and provide opportunities for them to positively impact society by amplifying their authentic voices and building resilience.”