Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Tamara Richardson

“Learning resources in my rural hometown were few and far between so as a teenager, I spent hours on Youtube learning Chinese and Hindi in order to feel more connected to the broader Asia Pacific region. I believe that access to cultural education is vital to improving cultural literacy and intercultural relations across the region.”
“The aim of PACE 48 is to enable young people to engage in nuanced discussions across 48 Asia Pacific countries. We hope to build one of the region’s most inclusive platforms for youth to connect and learn about each other’s culture.”
“I believe that creating welcoming, safe spaces and opportunities for dialogue and experience sharing is vital to getting more young people involved in cultural and cultural education initiatives. Providing youth with a chance to promote their own cultural heritage is a great first step but then it is important to connect them to each other in order to emphasize our similarities across cultures and build dialogue.”