Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Roopam Sharma

“While researching colour blindness a few years ago, I suddenly had a thought – What would it be like to live in complete darkness? – This led to me looking into current solutions for visually impaired people. I couldn’t believe that in 200 years, there hasn’t been any real innovation to address the issue of literacy for blind people.”

“Following my research, I decided to create Manovue, the world’s first intelligent personal assisting system for the visually impaired. Manovue basically functions as a wearable glove and integrated mobile phone app, which enables the user to read any printed text by moving his/her finger over the text.”
“It is so important that young social entrepreneurs are provided with the support we need to thrive. Aside from financial support, mentorship and guidance from more established experts would really help us to reach a wider audience so much quicker than going it alone.”