Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Nora Wilhelm

“My country is economically developed with a long-lasting culture of democracy. We benefit from functioning institutions, our human and civil rights are mostly safeguarded and the population is comparatively healthy. With that privilege comes, in my opinion, a responsibility that we do not always acknowledge.”
“In such a sheltered context, where all of our basic needs are met, it takes additional effort to take a hard look at ourselves and how our consumption and production impacts other countries and the world. This is a huge challenge facing young people, who tend to view the world differently and want to create change.”
“My work with the European Youth Parliament focuses on supporting youth engagement, active citizenship and intercultural communication. It is vital that youth know that they matter, that they can have an impact and that there is a whole network of people just like them to provide support. I am also currently developing a platform to catalyse collaborative innovation towards the SDGs, which focuses on bringing allies together to create progress. I believe in the potential of my country to become a pioneer for sustainability and innovation, and that is what drives me.”