Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Manyang Reath Kher

“At the age of 3 I became one of the 20,000 ‘Lost Boys of Sudan’. My father was killed in the Sudanese civil war and I got separated from my mother and sister. I lived in refugee camps along the border between Sudan and Ethiopia where hunger, fear and abuse were part of everyday life. For 13 years I lived like this.”
“When I moved to the United States, I couldn’t leave Sudan behind. I was so glad to be able and able to tell my story to the world. I decided to create the Humanity Helping Sudan Project in order to help other refugees like me. So far, I have obtained funding to create a four acre farm in Gambella, Ethiopia, which provides jobs to local refugee families, and funding to drill wells to provide water to 40,000 residents. I have also worked to provide nets to local fishermen and leadership training to 18 young students.”
“Even though I am a human being just like everyone else, I was not always treated as such. I could never have imagined that I would be in a position to help others, but I am! My project aims to restore human dignity to those who have lost their homes, their countries, their parents… essentially, to those who have lost everything.”