Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Jose Gioscia

“The idea for my game, Public Space, first came about when I started reading social media posts by my female friends about the harassment they faced while out and about. This was something that me and my male friends didn’t have to worry about at all when we walked down the street.”
“Unlike other forms of media, videogames can provide users with a much greater degree of empathy as they put you in the position of the protagonist. Videogame mechanics therefore act as a catalyst for questioning social behaviour, not only by raising awareness of an issue but by providing a solution through play. When playing Public Space, we want the players to take action and stand up against violence against women.”
“As young men we feel that in order to be accepted by other men, you must behave like them. Street harassment is a learned behaviour but it can be just as easily unlearned through education. It is so important that we become male allies, leading through example and spreading the message that women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”