Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

Bushra Ebadi

“The challenges faced by young people are reflective of broader systemic challenges facing people as a whole. Environmental degradation, poverty and inequality, xenophobia and hate crimes, gender inequality, unsustainable food systems, inadequate support for mental health, and the discrimination of marginalized communities, affect the entire society.”

“Youth, however, may be more vulnerable to or disproportionately affected by these challenges; an issue which is compounded by the fact that young people are unrepresented in decision-making fora and positions of power.”

“As a first generation Afghan Canadian, child of refugees, and global affairs enthusiast I see myself as a bridge between cultures, disciplines, and sectors. I have developed refugee housing and integration strategies for cities around the world, including Toronto and Paris. I am currently working on advancing cultural heritage protection, youth and gender mainstreaming, and providing support to the World Refugee Council in transforming the global refugee system.”