Building peace in the minds of men and women

10th UNESCO Youth Forum

About the Forum

Since its 1st edition in 1999, the UNESCO Youth Forum has aimed to ensure that UNESCO provides youth with opportunities to meaningfully collaborate in the Organization’s work, and remains in tune with the ways young women and men engage in their societies.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing young people leading change in their countries and communities all over the world and we want the Forum to be the opportunity to bring these change-makers to the global discussion table.

The new pilot version of the 10th UNESCO Youth Forum will therefore serve as a hub for concrete suggestions about how UNESCO can improve its engagement with youth. UNESCO wants to involve young women and men as actors and partners, not just mere beneficiaries of the Organization’s work.

As a result, we have asked our colleagues all over the world from UNESCO, UN agencies and NGO partners to propose those young women and men that are truly leading innovative change in their communities. Proposals have been  made by these organizations and not via individual nominations.

We have selected 60 of the most engaged youth with equal thematic, gender and regional distribution, and an emphasis on those with first-hand experience of the issues being addressed by our programmes. The Forum will be used to kick-off long-term engagement with this group.