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The Memory of the World Register lists documentary heritage which has been recommended by the International Advisory Committee, and endorsed by the Director-General of UNESCO, as corresponding to the selection criteria regarding world significance and outstanding universal value.

Countries: Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Dominica, Jamaica, St Kitts and United Kingdom - The collection ǀ More photos

Countries: Barbados, Jamaica, Panama, Saint Lucia, United Kingdom and United States of America - The collection ǀ More photos


Documents representing the beginning and the early development of the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther

Country: Germany - The collection ǀ More photos

Countries: Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Myanmar - The collection ǀ More photos

A Javanese nobleman, Indonesian national hero and pan-Islamist
Countries: Indonesia and the Netherlands - The collection ǀ More photos

Country: Iran and Germany - The collection ǀ More photos

Country: Israel - The collection ǀ More photos