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Objectives of the IPDC Talks

The objectives of the Talks are the following:

Who are the speakers?

Guest speakers include philosophers, journalists, NGO workers, entrepreneurs, academics, community leaders, who are working towards the realization of SDGs, who recognize the power of communication, freedom of expression, and public access to information and ICTs in development efforts and have a creative take on how to share their experience and ideas. 

Many of their presentations will include visuals and films. Their talks will address these questions:

  •   After MDGs, why does addressing the SDGs/the specific Goal matter in today’s world?

  •   How can mass media plus universal access to information and knowledge via ICT support the realization of the SDGs/the specific Goal?

  •   What role should duty-bearers play to protect and promote the right to access to information (Member States, the media, UN bodies)?

  •   How can we ensure that ‘no one is left behind’?

  •   Are SDGs any different from MDGs? How can ordinary people be encouraged to ‘own’ SGDs as an integral part of their citizenship/heritage nationally and globally?

Languages, interpretation and streaming

The Talks will be held in English and French, will have simultaneous interpretation, and will be livestreamed.


The IPDC Talks are generously funded by the Permanent Delegation of the Netherlands to UNESCO, by the Permanent Delegation of Lithuania to UNESCO, and by the Dutch National Commission.


The event will be comprised of an introduction, a conclusion, with two sessions in between. Each session to have 6 speakers, each with 15 min max., and will follow an innovative format of delivery (speakers standing on stage, sharing captivating stories with the audience). The speakers will be introduced by a skillful presenter who will be engaging with the audience in lively debates.

You may find the full programme here.