World University Service

Objectives and Mission: 

To resist all forms of interference in freedom of study, teaching or research. To project WUS’S vision of the University's social responsibility within the context of a comprehensive view of education. To harness the resources of the academic community so as to strengthen society at large through educational programmes that stimulate popular participation and self-reliance, further human rights and combat gender-based discrimination. Priority issues: Education for refugees and displaced persons; human rights in education; education for women; inter-university co-operation and exchanges; alternative education.

General description: 

Programme policies originate from and are implemented by National Committees. ['International Programme on Human Rights in the Educational Sector'], implemented by International Office and coordinated by International Programme Officer and national committees. Drew up the ['1988 Lima (Peru) Declaration on Academic Freedom and the Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education']. Organizes ['Summer University on Human Rights'].

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Biology, Education, Freedom of expression, Refugees, Women's Education