Pan-Pacific And South-East Asia Women's Association

Objectives and Mission: 

To promote peace through understanding and friendship
To strengthen the bonds of peace by fostering a friendship and better understanding among women in all areas of the Pacific and Southeast Asia.
To promote cooperation among women of these regions for the study and improvement of social, economic, and cultural conditions.
PPSEAWA is the only international women's organization devoted to peace and understanding in the Pacific and South East Asia.

General description: 

Protecting the status of women and children;
Identifying needs and problems of women and children;
Protecting the status of women and children;
Promoting family and child welfare;
Furthering education, skills training, and literacy programs for all age groups;
Raising funds and mobilizing local help;
Working to protect and improve the environment.

Country Presence: 
Macao, China
Field of Interest: 
Education, Environment, Literacy, Peace, Training, Women