Extrabudgetary Projects on Freedom of Expression - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

The Dutch government wants to promote sustainable economic growth in developing countries. And it wants to work towards global stability and security and to foster human rights. It can best do so by focusing on the fields in which the Netherlands itself excels, for example water management and food security.

The four main themes of Dutch development cooperation policy are:

  • security and the rule of law;
  • water management;
  • food security;
  • sexual and reproductive health and rights.

In each of these four themes, issues such as equality for women, the environment and climate play an important role.


UNESCO is leading innovative projects around the world thanks to voluntary contributions it has received from donors in support of freedom of expression.



The objective of this project, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, is to enhance the security of journalists and foster freedom of expression in Tunisia by making security forces more aware of their responsibility towards journalists and their specific role in a democratic society.




Voluntary contributions have strengthened UNESCO’s work in freedom of expression in dozens of countries around the world.