Education Research and Foresight (ERF) Working Papers

  To further our understanding of the current issues in education, both conceptual and practical, UNESCO
  periodically publishes Working Papers. These thought pieces are for reflection on the challenges and
  opportunities facing education in the 21st century.


20. Globalization and the Neoliberal Imaginary of Educational Reform   18. Privatization in Education:
Trends and consequences

Curriculum in the Twenty-first century: Challenges, Tensions and Open Questions

19. Public-Private Partnerships as an Education Policy Approach:
Multiple Meanings, Risks and Challenges
  17. Revisiting the Principle of Education as a Public Good   8.

Reflections on Progress, Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship


Does watching help?
In search of the theory of change for education monitoring

  7. Education for Global Citizenship:
A Framework for Discussion

The Futures of Learning 3:
What kind of pedagogies for the 21st century?

  6. Higher Education’s Response to Present–Day Shocks

The Futures of Learning 2:
What kind of learning for the 21st century?

  5. Fragility of Power:
A challenge for education

The Futures of Learning 1:
Why must learning content and methods change in the 21st century?


Revisiting Learning:
The Treasure Within – assessing the influence of the 1996 Delors Report

      12. Learning to Live Together:
Revisiting the humanism of the Delors Report

Desire and Doubt:
Driving forces of creativity and rationality?


Teachers and the Quality of Basic Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

  2. Beyond the Conceptual Maze:
The notion of quality in education
      10. Re-interpreting learning   1. The Challenges of Creativity