ESD Prize laureates converge in Ottawa for UNESCO Week: new blog post by NUS-UK


The ESD Prize booth at the UNESCO Week in Ottawa
28 March 2017


by Jamie Agombar, National Union of Students (United Kingdom)

"March 2017 saw us laureates meet up again, this time at the UNESCO Week for Peace and Sustainable Development conference in Ottawa, Canada.

The conference was a superb opportunity to meet leading ESD practitioners from all around the world, and another platform to present our work to a new audience.

As well as running various workshops, and networking through the sessions and receptions, we also set up and managed our own ESD Prize stall in the main hall.

Together with Felix, from rootAbility, we took advantage of the conference to make some additional visits in the days before the conference. Both rootAbility and NUS-UK work in student engagement in higher education, so we spent a day at the University of Toronto meeting students and staff involved in student-led sustainability campaigns and initiatives. I also took time to visit the equivalent organisations of NUS in Canada, the Canadian Federation of Students and Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, both based in Ottawa.

During the conference, we spent some more time with two of the Prize judges, Yoshi Nagata and Stephen Sterling, giving them updates on the work of all laureates, and how we have been using the prize money to bring about further positive change.  

At NUS-UK, since winning the UNESCO ESD Prize we have been on a bit of a mission to see how we can collaborate more on ESD with other national students’ unions around the world. We are currently working on a joint global survey of student attitudes towards, and expectations on, sustainable development."


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