Mobilising UNESCO Chairs in Natural Sciences for Policy Action towards the 2030 Agenda

About the Conference


UNESCO is convinced that it is through collaborative partnerships that the SDGs can be achieved. This conviction is reinforced by it being underlined in the Preamble of the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development.

The Natural Sciences Sector has a vast and unique network of experts. In this context, the organisation is the best placed to build a reflexion on science and the SDGs. 

3 objectives were thus identified to contribute to the SDGs:

  • The need for a stronger contribution of science, technology and innovation (STI) in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda;
  • The need for reinforcing the dynamism of the UNITWIN/UNESCO networks;
  • The need for reinforcing outreach and partnerships within UNESCO and United Nations family.

Meeting the Objectives

The Conference is organised in 3 sessions, each focusing on a specific objective. The third session will take place at the BIOTECH campus in the presence of International Organisations.


On top of these sessions, the conference is also a stepping-stone to meet these objectives notably by:

Mapping the activities of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks

The expertise and activities of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in Natural Sciences are diverse. To map this expertise is not only an opportunity for everyone to highlight their research but also provide possibilities of developing networks.

A questionnaire in three different languages is provided to this effect.


An exhibition

An exhibition relating the activities and expertise of the UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in Natural Sciences will take place in the University of Geneva during the Conference.  

The different projects implemented by the network’s members reveal the diversity and the commitment of science and of scientists, researchers and academia for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Considered as an opportunity to share and to network, the exhibition will be the conference’s main venue for social gatherings. The Conference’s Opening Ceremony will celebrate the Opening of the Exhibition.

After the conference, the contents of the exhibition will be made available on the Conference’s website and in its outcome documents.

A style guide for the posters will be provided soon to all UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in Natural Sciences.


The "Geneva Milestone"

During the conference, UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in Natural Sciences will study avenues for improving cooperation between chairs following these objectives. At this occasion, they will have the opportunity to meet members of International Organisations and visit the CERN. Their reflection will be outlined in a final document.

This document, the “Geneva Milestone”, will detail the roadmap of the Chairs’ contribution to achieve the SDGs.

All downloadable appendixes to the Conference can be found in the Documents tab.