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    Results of the 2016 Call for Project Proposals

    8 New Creative And Artistic Projects Approved for IFPC Co-funding
    More than 800 project proposals were received from around the world in the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture’s (IFPC) fourth call for proposals in 2016.  The IFPC Administrative Council approved the co-funding of eight projects from Africa, the Arab States, Latin America and Europe. These projects were chosen on the basis of their artistic and creative content, their partnerships and resource mobilization, and their potential to have a sustainable impact.
    1. Azmari Music: A Renaissance in Ethiopia (Ethiopia)
    2. Art and Environmental Action: An Environmentally Focused Public Art Project in Livingstone, Zambia (Zambia and South Africa) 
    3. Karmakol Festival Sudan - Platform for International Culture Exchange (Sudan)
    4. Nouakchott Theatre Days (Mauritania)
    5. The Awakening of Understanding – Youth Drama and Dance Theatre From Gaza (Palestine)
    6. International Theater Festival Danail Chirpanski (Bulgaria)
    7. From the Andes to the Sea on Route 23 (Argentina) 
    8. Weaving Music for Radio by Latin American Women Composers (Brazil) 

    Cine a la Calle: Community Film Screenings & Filmmaking Workshops

    Co-funded by the UNESCO International Fund for the promotion of Culture (IFPC), this project trains amateur filmmakers in filmmaking and film appreciation. It gives them the opportunity to create, produce, edit and present their original works in public spaces in Barranquilla (Colombia) as well as at the 17th edition of the Cine a la Calle International Short Film Festival. 

    Through the organization of film screenings and filmmaking workshops, Cine a la calle is using film as a tool to empower youth. 
    Project holder: Fundación Cine a la Calle
    Country of implementation: Colombia
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    First African Circus Art Festival, IFPC co-financed project, 2014
    © Geo Kalev

    Implementation of the selected projects from the 2015 Call for Proposals

    The nine artistic and creative projects selected in the 2015 IFPC Call for Proposals have started.

    With a view to promoting young artists, encouraging artistic creativity and contributing to sustainable development, the IFPC is providing financial and technical support to : creative and educational workshops in the Democratic Republic of Congo ; a performing arts training programme in Kenya and in The United Republic of Tanzania ; a drama production program in Sri Lanka ; a digital culture festival in Tunisia ; a virtual gallery focusing on Roma culture in Bulgaria ; the digital publishing of 40 e-books in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ; the production of animated TV series between Denmark, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela ; a radio broadcast in Mexico ; and the screening of movies in public spaces in Colombia.

    ► Click here for further information about the IFPC 2015 Call for Proposals.

  • 31 May 2016

    Please note that the 2016 call for projects for the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture is now closed. The deadline was 31 May 2016 at noon CEST. No further applications are therefore being accepted.

    Final decisions will be made in February 2017. Successful candidates only will be contacted within 2 weeks after final decisions are made.

    Due to the high volume of applications received, the IFPC Secretariat is not able to provide individual information on the ongoing status of the applications.

    Thank you for your interest in the IFPC