Global MIL Week 2017

MIL CLICKS for Critical Minds


MIL CLICKS is a social media innovation led by UNESCO. The objective of this social media strategy is to use social media to expose people to media and information literacy competencies (skills, attitudes) in their day-to-day use of social media and Internet in general.


MIL CLICKS webinar

The MIL CLICKS webinar will be held around a certain topic related to the theme of Global MIL Week 2017. It will take place right after the feature conference.

How does it work?

Throughout the day of 28 October 2017, registered webinar speakers will post tweets in response to the topic in using the hashtag #MILCLICKS. Anyone who has a Twitter account can freely ask questions in connection with the webinar topic to the speakers in using the @ function. Speakers who receive a question shall give an answer, comment or opinion within 1 hour in one or two tweets with the hashtag #MILCLICKS.

The webinar topic is coming soon.