St Patricks Kanamkemer Primary school, Lodwar, Turkana, Kenya


We currently have no post vacancy and one consultancy vacancy.


Contract: Development of print and online visual identity for the new Global Education Monitoring Report. 

How to apply: Submit a written proposal following the instructions in the Request for Proposal and email it to

Deadline: 16th July 2015

Frequently asked questions for this consultancy:

  • Is there any specific format to submit proposals?

    There is no template for submitting proposals but please look closely at the requirements we have mentioned.

  • The RFP states that you need a logo mock-up and style guide before payment is agreed upon. Is that really the case?

    Phase 1 does not require agencies to submit any mock-ups of logos. The agencies selected to move to phase 2 will be contacted and compensated for the logo mock-ups. We have updated the language of the RFP to make this more clear.

  • I'm an independent designer who specialises in brand identity design, do I still fit within your communications/design agency bracket?

    Some agencies and independent designers might not be qualified to undertake both branding and design activities. For example, an agency exclusively specialised in graphic design, or an agency exclusively specialised in branding activities. We do not wish to disqualify these agencies and could envisage a situation where the work was divided between two agencies – one focused on design and the other focused on branding activities. I would therefore invite you to respond to Phase 1 by sending us information about your relevant experience (as described in the RFP – Phase 1). If you are selected to move on to Phase 2 you would leave the cost of developing the Report’s internal design scheme from the itemised budget you submit.

  • Is there a budget we should be considering?

    The itemised budget will only be requested from companies that make it to Phase 2. Unfortunately we are unable to share the estimated budget with you. You could use the timeline mentioned in the RFP (24th of August till 9th of October) to give you an idea of the estimated number of working hours for the project.

The GMR Team occasionally has a need for consultants. A consultant is a recognized specialist with particular skills, expertise or knowledge who is contracted by UNESCO for a short period, either in an advisory or consultative capacity or to provide a product or service. All consultants hired by the GMR Team must be registered on the Education Sector's roster of consultants. Click on the following link to register as a consultant: Roster of consultants of the UNESCO Education Sector.