Fulfilling our collective responsibility: Financing global public goods in education

This paper argues that global public goods in education – such as internationally comparable data and statistics, basic research addressing the challenge of improving learning outcomes for sustainable development, and networks for peer learning – are in short supply, poorly funded and rarely coordinated. It calls on the international community to develop a joint vision and finance their provision sustainably to alleviate major constraints to achieving Education 2030 targets.


Bilal Barakat

Senior Policy Analyst

Senior Policy Analyst

Bilal Barakat joined the GEM Report team at the beginning of 2018 as a Senior Policy Analyst. His research interests and areas of expertise in the area of educational policy modelling and statistics include demographic, economic, and methodological aspects. Before coming to Paris, Bilal taught and researched these issues based principally at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In addition, he regularly acted as a consulting expert for international development organisations.

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