Join our international launch events from 9 April

The publication of each new edition of the EFA Global Monitoring Report is the occasion for taking stock about progress made - or not made - and generating renewed interest for moving the EFA agenda forward. Official launchings and related events are held in different parts of the world throughout the year.

They draw attention to important issues and help to get the message across to different audiences. 

2015 Events

If you have any enquiries about the following events or if you'd like to attend one, please contact GMRevents(at)



  • 5 May Lebanon, Beirut
  • 7 May Spain, Barcelona
  • 7 May Mali, Bamako 
  • 7 May Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa 
  • 8 May Latvia, Riga
  • 8 May Guatemala, Guatemala City 
  • 11 May Botswana, Gaborone 
  • 12 May Thailand, Bangkok 
  • 26 May Belgique, Bruxelles
  • 29 May Turquie, Istanbul
  • May Tanzania, Dar es-Salaam
  • May Bangladesh, Dhaka 
  • May Ghana, Accra 


  • 3 June Belgium, Brussels
  • 5 June Canada, Ottawa 
  • 10 June Kazakhstan, Almaty 
  • 10 June United Kingdom, London
  • 22 June The Bahamas, Nassau
  • June Zimbabwe, Harare