16/3/2018 | Culture in the Digital Environment

In the past two decades, digital technologies have transformed the cultural scene profoundly. This study examines the impact of digital technologies on the cultural scene in Spain and Latin America by looking at the landscape of opportunities, barriers and policies associated with the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital era.

16/3/2018 | Culture in Treaties and Agreements

The 2005 Convention calls for a new approach to international cooperation by promoting a more balanced flow of cultural goods and services and greater mobility of artists and cultural professionals. In examining 59 bilateral and regional agreements concluded between 2005 and 2017, this study reveals trends that have emerged since the adoption of the Convention in the international arena.

16/3/2018 | UNESCO moving forward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable development

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, sets forth a bold new framework for development cooperation over the next 15 years. This agenda aspires to ensure prosperity and well-being for all women and men, while protecting our planet and strengthening the foundations for peace.

16/3/2018 | Artistic Freedom Leaflet

Artistic freedom is a global challenge. The rights of artists to express themselves freely are under threat worldwide, especially where artistic expressions contest or critique political ideologies, religious beliefs and cultural and social preferences. The 2005 Convention puts forward that cultural diversity can be protected and promoted only if human rights and fundamental freedoms are... Read more

16/3/2018 | Methodological Guide on Technical Assistance

Building on the lessons learned from the missions implemented throughout the UNESCO/EU technical assistance project on the strengthening of governance of culture in developing countries, (2010-2015), this methodological guide presents in a coherent manner the basic concepts, principles and approaches that underpin “on-demand” technical assistance interventions. This guide re-emphasizes the... Read more

14/3/2018 | Art under threat in 2016

Artists and audiences are under increased threat globally, according to a new report, Art under Threat, released by Freemuse. Freemuse registered 1,028 attacks on artists and violations of their rights in 2016 across 78 countries, continuing... Read more

16/3/2018 | Investing in Creativity. Transforming Societies

The global capacity development programme helps to reinforce skills and build capacities for the development of sustainable policies and measures to implement the 2005 Convention.

21/3/2018 | Creativity Connects: Trends and Conditions Affecting U.S. Artists

This initiative shows how the arts contribute to the nation’s creative ecosystem, examines the ways in which the support systems for artists are changing, and explores how the arts can connect with other sectors that want and utilize creativity. The Report Creativity Connects: Trends and Conditions Affecting U.S. Artists  investigates the... Read more

16/3/2018 | Empowering Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

UNESCO and the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) are partnering in 2016-2017 to raise awareness in Pakistan about the 2005 Convention and the importance of developing policies for the creative sector.  This brochure shows how stakeholders, through participation in arts and cultural activities,  can use the 2005 Convention to achieve social and economic progress and... Read more

16/3/2018 | Creativity Matters: a New Agenda for Sustainable Development

Cultural and creative industries contribute up to 10% of the GDP in some developing countries and generate about 30 million jobs worldwide, employing more people aged 15-29 than any other sector - that’s why it’s important to invest in creativity.

The International Fund for Cultural Diversity is now reaching out beyond its existing government donor base and entering into partnerships... Read more

16/3/2018 | Investing in culture : UNESCO/EU Project

This publication features the outcomes of the flagship project “Expert Facility to strengthen the system of governance of culture in developing countries”.

This project, funded by the EU and implemented by UNESCO from 2010 to 2015, served to make the principles and objectives of the 2005... Read more

16/3/2018 | Promoting Diversity of Cultural Expression in Arts in Australia

This report aims to contribute to understanding and debate of the implications of UNESCO’s 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression, to which Australia became a signatory in 2009. The selection of projects featured in this report was conducted jointly by representatives of the Australia Council, UNESCO Bangkok and the researchers from the... Read more

16/3/2018 | Diversity and the Film Industry. An analysis of the 2014 UIS Survey on Feature Film Statistics.

This UNESCO report analyses the results of the 2014 UIS Feature Film Statistics Survey, which provides data for the years 2012 and 2013 for 97 countries , with an emphasis on the relationship between cultural diversity and the functioning of the film industry. Additionally, it presents some selected indicators for the period 2005-2013, with the goal of enabling a better understanding of the... Read more

21/3/2018 | Globalisation of Cultural Trade: A Shift in Consumption

New Report from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) sheds light on the international flows of cultural goods and services during the 2004-2013 period.

Further information

14/3/2018 | Toward a better statistical understanding of the creative economy (Full study)

In a feasibility study carried out for the European Commission, KEA reviews traditional data collection tools and statistics from Eurostat and proposes amendments with a view to better grasp CCS’ economic and social value.

See the key recommendations here.

... Read more