Strengthening and diffusion of National Television, RTVC and ANTV

Radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia (RTVC) with support from ANTV.
Key objectives of the measure:

Señal Colombia, public educational and cultural channel

• To be the TV channel that develops innovative content that brings Colombians closer to the cultural diversity of the country.

• To be a mirror of its audience. The channel reflects national identity from all aspects of diversity (ethnic, cultural, social, gender, etc.).

• To be an educational resource. The channel develops and presents non-formal educational content that enables and promotes knowledge.

• To be a useful tool in the construction of citizenship and dissemination of cultural and democratic values.

• To be a cultural experience in itself. The channel’s content touches and impacts the lives of its audience through creativity, innovation, entertainment, mobilization and experimentation.

• To be a window to the world and its cultures. The channel serves as the stage where local stories circulate with universal reach and universal stories with local significance.

• To facilitate the circulation of its content in the available media. The services and content offer of the channel grows and expands according to the technological possibilities.

Ethnic Television Project-ANTV

To provide access and active participation of ethnic groups in the creation of the Ethnic Television project in Colombia.

Promotion of the audiovisual industry-ANTV

To ensure the development and consolidation of public television and promote the television industry.

Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

Señal Colombia, public educational and cultural channel

  • Managing content for 4 programming modules: children, fiction, non-fiction and cultural and sports specials.
  • Promoting the production of independent audiovisual content through open calls, co-productions and acquisitions.
  • Creating spaces for audience participation in productions and in digital environments.

Ethnic Television Project-ANTV

  • Its main characteristic is to be a means of access to and production of audiovisual content, providing visibility to ethnic groups.

Promotion of the audiovisual industry-ANTV

  • It is a measure that provides financing and thus strengthens the creation, production and editing processes of public television and of the audiovisual industry in general.


Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

Señal Colombia, public educational and cultural channel

To keep the editorial independence of the audiovisual content in the face of political and institutional dynamics. Also, to be a reflection of the cultural diversity of the country.

Ethnic Television Project

Indigenous peoples:

• Creation of administrative acts that regulate television production and broadcasting for indigenous or autochthonous peoples.

• Formulation and implementation of a television plan for indigenous peoples.

• Production and broadcast of indigenous television programs.

• Joint studies to provide solutions for the access to television by indigenous peoples.


• Fully formulated and implemented action plans.

• Formulation and joint agreement of the Rrom TV plan.

Promotion of the audiovisual industry

The main expected result is to strengthen the development of public television and the promotion of the audiovisual industry in the country.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

Señal Colombia

2012-2015: $26.166.594 USD

Ethnic Television Project

2016: $479.796 USD

Main conclusions of the evaluation of the measure:

There's a constant activity of monitoring and review of action plans.

RTVC- Señal Colombia

45 television productions

13 special projects

20 coproductions

10 self productions

2 Special coproductions projects and 10 special projects

Indicators used to determine impact:
RTVCNumber of coproductionsNumber of self productionsSpecial coproductions projects and special projectsANTVTo measure the number of regulatory concepts within the legal basis in relation to the received ones.Open television: allocation of radio spectrumOpen television: Assignation of radioelectronic espectrum
Goal(s) of UNESCO's 2005 Convention
Cultural Domain(s)
Cinema/ Audiovisual Arts