Rwandan Children’s Book Initiative (RCBI)

Rwandan Children’s Book Initiative (RCBI)
Key objectives of the measure:
  • Support publishers to produce high quality, age appropriate, Kinyarwanda children’s books and distribute these to schools,

  • Improve teachers’ skills, knowledge and confidence to use books in support of literacy acquisition and learning outcomes.

  • Improve literacy skills and learning outcomes for young children in the first years of primary school by increasing their reading, particularly of high quality age appropriateand culturally rich books

  • This measure will address the book gap by intervening at every stage of the local book chain; going beyond the immediate beneficiaries to develop an entire, self-sustainable, market and industry for good quality, non-textbook, children’s reading materials, in addition to ensuring that books provided to schools can be managed and used effectively.


Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
Main feature of the measure:
  • Support local and regional publishers to produce high quality, age appropriate, local language children’s reading material;

  • Stimulate supply and demand for this material by agreeing to purchase the materials with the condition that publishers produce more than we buy;

  • Provide the purchased materials to primary schools;

  • Train teachers, head teachers, sector education officers, mentors and Teacher to use the materials effectively to better support literacy acquisition and learning outcomes;

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:
  • The local book industry is supported to produce high quality children’s books in Kinyarwanda.

  • Sustainable demand for quality children’s books is established.

  • Teachers and school leaders are trained to manage book collections and use books effectively to improve literacy acquisition and learning outcomes.


Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

GBP 695,000

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