Promotion and support of the national audiovisual content industry

Directorate of Communications, Ministry of Culture and ANTV (National Television Authority)
Key objectives of the measure:
  • To promote the production of cultural content along different media.
  • To support and strengthen the public television system (national, local and community channels)
  • To support ethnic communities in the production of their own content.    
  • To co-produce high-impact audiovisual cultural content for the country and the region.
  • To design a varied dissemination strategy for the audiovisual cultural content supported by the Ministry, especially in collaboration with the channels of the public television system in Colombia.
  • To conduct training workshops around the non-fiction audiovisual genre.
  • To improve the quality of television products in the regions by means of training and production assistance.
  • To take on actions aimed at identifying or updating the communication dynamics and actors of border territories.
  • To structure working models that contribute to the production and circulation of digital cultural content in border areas, based on the practices developed in the production centers donated by the Government of Japan.
  • To implement strategies that contribute to the sustainability of the production centers donated by the Government of Japan and the processes of communication / culture generated from them.
  • To give visibility and recognition to the Las Fronteras Cuentan (The Borders Matter) project: production centers of digital cultural content.  
Scope of the measure:
Nature of the measure:
financial, institutional
Main feature of the measure:

Support and strengthen the public television system (national, local and community channels), with cultural content. Support ethnic communities in the production of their own content, strengthening creative capacities through training and offering assistance for distribution. An increase in the free annual licensing of cultural content produced, co-produced or supported by the Ministry of Culture to the 10 public television channels of the country. Co-production of television series with Colombian and Latin American channels, of which the following have been produced: Hechos de Corazón, Danza Colombia. Co-production of series with Latin American producers: DOCTV Latinoamérica, Expreso Ventana Andina: Historias de vida en fronteras, Expreso Colombia, Andares, Andares por Colombia.

Creation of social awareness, using the potential of the documentary as an audiovisual genre, through the project Taller del Recuerdo (Living Memory Workshop). This measure is aimed at audience training (in culture, art, productive chains and television) and is directed to children and young people between ages 8 and 27 and seniors. To provide support to the communication processes that take place in border regions, through the strengthening of production centers such as cultural companies and entrepreneurship nodes, benefiting population such as broadcasters from community radio stations, indigenous people, cultural managers, creation groups, universities, and social and cultural organizations in the border departments.

Results expected through the implementation of the measure:

Increase in the production of fiction and non-fiction content for television and for digital platforms (web and digital universe); production of documentaries in community channels and encouragement of training processes.

Increase in the co-production of audiovisual creations. Since 2012, with the implementation of the program, 16 audiovisual products have been completed, between series and stand-alone episodes.

Increase in licensing of content for broadcast. With the implementation of the policy, the 10 public television channels have benefited from the licensing of content, receiving 88 hours of quality cultural programming from 2012 to 2016. 

Increase in the number of audiovisual productions (production, distribution, training, management and entrepreneurship).

Creation of content focused in the culture of the border territories.

Dissemination: Las Fronteras Cuentan, a platform where digital pieces produced by content creators are constantly circulating.

Training: The content creators who go through the different training modules specialize in creating narratives about culture and the frontier in their territories.

Management and entrepreneurship: The five Production Centers are in the process of consolidation as cultural industries in each of their regions.

Financial resources allocated to implement the measure:

Promotion of the production of cultural content in the media (National Incentives Program): Since 2012, the allocation for this policy has been $1.332.858 USD

Co-production of cultural audiovisual content: Since 2012, the allocation for this policy has been $1.222.490,69 USD

Promotion of the circulation of content co-produced or supported by the Ministry of Culture through public television channels in the country: Since 2012, the allocation for this policy has been $$380.409USD.

Promotion of audiovisual training for producers of cultural content and the youth and children audience: For 2016, the allocation for this policy $$21.874USD

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