Projects and programmes implemented by the Ministry of Culture in the field of cultural diversity

Ministry of culture and with a number of EU and MENA Arab countries.
Key objectives of the measure:

1. Cross Mediterranean Internet Project
2. Participation in Cultural Weeks in neighboring and Friendly Countries.
3. Participating in Festivals, conferences and International Cultural and Artistic Assemblies.
4. Establishing partnership agreements and conducting executive cultural programmes, around 60 agreement.
5. Participation in International Book Exhibitions.

Scope of the measure:
Main conclusions of the evaluation of the measure:

1-  Spreading awareness concerning the importance of the culture of dialogue between different ends of society, among communities and within one culture.
2-  Spreading community awareness with regards to the importance and benefits of dialogue among cultures as well as the importance of reaching a mutual understanding based on realities of the age, respect individual characteristics as well as characteristics of others 
3- Creating awareness concerning the danger of the culture of violence, and its negative reflections on society.
4-  Promotion of the value of tolerance.
5-   Targeting youth/new generation in training on communication skills, dialogue, respect of the others opinion and strengthening this culture in institutions fostering youth
Interpersonal Conflict Resolution skills aiming at enhancing 
6-  Interpersonal Conflict Resolution skills aiming at enhancing tolerance and fighting extremism.