Cross Cultural Meetings at the Women’s Museum in Denmark

Women's Museum in Denmark
Key objectives of the measure:

Cross Cultural Meetings at the Women's Museum invite women from ethnic minorities into a mentor network. This network creates a one-to- one relationships between women with refugee / immigrant background (mentees) and women anchored in Danish society (mentors).  Mentoring open doors for to the Danish society and labor market and mobilize resources. All mentors are volunteers. They have different backgrounds. What they have in common is their motivation for being related to a person with a refugee or immigrant background. The Cross Cultual Meetings also facilitate events and activities for all members of the network.

Women's Museum has since 2004 organized mentoring for immigrant and – the first years as partner of KVINFO’s mentoring network. Since 2009 the two institutions (of financial reasons) run each network. Over the years, mentor network department at the Women's Museum worked with a variety of partners. From education to language schools and from public to private players. Cross cultural meetings and focus on diversity in women’s situation all over the world means that the Women’s Museum often show temporary exhibitions from abroad. More information:

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