Co-operation with the International Organisation of La Francophonie

Key objectives of the measure:

In March and April of each year, between 2013 and 2015, the events of La Francophonie have been held in Armenia, particularly in Yerevan and the marzes. Armenian state ensembles participated in the events, and days of storytelling were organised.
In 2013, within the framework of the Month of La Francophonie, evenings devoted to French music were held in Yerevan (Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall) and in the marzes of the Republic of Armenia; urban poems were presented by “Toute en Slam-slam en Arménie” Slam Tribu group at H. Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre; a concert featuring performances of contemporary dances was held at H. Paronyan State Musical Comedy Theatre; the exhibition of French-language books was organised at the National Library of Armenia, and the “L’Apéroésie” literary play was performed at H. Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre. At the end of the Month of La Francophonie, the joint “Anoush” Armenian-French project staged by Serge Avedikian was presented, and it was also presented in France in May.
In 2014, during the two-month Francophonie season, about 400 events were held in Yerevan and in the marzes of the Republic of Armenia, including the exhibition entitled “The 20th-century French artists of Armenian origin” (“HayArt” online art and auction centre), “Eastern girls” at Y. Kochar Museum, a large exhibition devoted to France and Frenchmen and performances of French songs, an exhibition entitled “French literature in Armenian and Armenian literature in French” at Y. Charents Museum, screenings of French films at A. Isahakyan Museum and other events which were held in Yerevan and in all the marzes of Armenia. The two-month season was launched with the concert that Patricia Kaas gave at the small concert hall of Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex.
From 3 March to 30 April 2015, within the framework of the two-month Francophonie season, 550 francophone cultural, artistic, university and general educational events, including “The Mountain Week” events organised upon the initiative of the Embassy of France and the Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia, were held in Yerevan and in the marzes of Armenia. The Pokemon Crew French hip-hop dance group and the BIC Haitian ethno-jazz group gave concerts at H. Tumanyan State Puppet Theatre.
In 2013, for the second time, Armenia participated in the Francophone Games held in Nice, France. The 7th Francophone Games were held with the participation of 56 countries. Armenia won 12th place with 3 gold (wrestling) and 3 bronze medals (1 for wrestling, 2 for judo), which was qualitative progress in comparison with the previous games. The participating Armenian artists were also cordially received. The novel of Shushanik Tamazyan (literature) was the only book to be published in a newspaper after having been read, and photographer Piruza Khalapyan won a special prize.
It has already been a few years since Armenia started participating in the GAUDEAMUS International Book Fair in Bucharest as a part of the group of Francophone countries presenting the works of Armenian writers published in French. Armenia has also been participating in the screenings of Francophone films traditionally held in Romania and China. Thus, for instance, at the screening of the Francophone films held in China in 2013, Armenia presented the film “Im Poqrik Ishkhane” (My little prince) by Armen Ronov and “Vana Tsovi Arshaluyse” (Sunrise over Lake Van) by Artak Igityan and Vahan Stepanyan; in 2015 — “Matenadaran” by Hrant Movsisyan and “Hrashagortsi ashune” (The Autumn of the Magician) by Ruben Gevorgyants, and in 2016, Armenia will present the film called “Parajanov” (2013, directed by Serge Avedikian, Olena Fetisova).