Indigenous filmmakers producing children's programming

Video nas Aldeias (Video in the Villages)
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February 2012 to February 2013

About the project

About the projectThe project aims to provide training to indigenous filmmakers with a focus on producing children's programming and introduction of this culturally diverse content in classrooms across Brazil. About the organizationVideo nas Aldeias (VnA), is an NGO recognized for its pioneering work in the field of indigenous audiovisual productions. Its activities have been instrumental in expanding knowledge about contemporary indigenous realities and increasing the notoriety of indigenous filmmakers. VnA is actively involved in the formation and development of indigenous cinema collectives and it is a reference in collaborative filmmaking. Its activities have helped several communities implement diverse local memory projects and the creation of a substantial image archive of contemporary indigenous peoples in Brazil. Local ContextThere is a dearth of knowledge about contemporary indigenous realities within Brazilian society. Present since the late nineties in film festivals, video stores, schools, and public television, the work of indigenous filmmakers is helping to change this. There is great potential in products specifically about and for children: younger audiences are curious, and cultural practices of village children are easily recognizable aspects of human Iife. Raising awareness, informing and educating the public about different realities is a key element in corroding stereotypes, prejudice and promoting dialogue. This project is focused on Ashaninka and Guarani communities. Main objectivesThis project is offering training into filmmaking to indigenous individuals. It is strengthening the skills of indigenous filmmakers already active. The objective is to broaden the range of films created, produced, distributed and consumed in Brazil with the culturally diverse content produced by indigenous communities. The capacity-building workshops focus on the production of children’s content. In parallel, Video nas Aldeias hopes to promote the profile of indigenous filmmakers as valuable assets for Brazil’s cultural industries. Main activitiesThis project integrates activities that contribute to the creation, production, distribution and consumption of indigenous films. It professionalizes indigenous filmmakers in Brazil by offering capacity-building opportunities in idea exploration, film production and editing. The goal is to create six films to be used in classrooms all over Brazil to promote cultural diversity and erode negative stereotypes in an effort banish discrimination towards indigenous groups. Video nas Aldeias will package and help distribute indigenously created and produced films, making sure that they are not only subtitled but also dubbed for younger audiences. In addition, it will raise awareness among the youth about the importance of the diversity of cultural expressions; Video nas Aldeias intends to submit the final compilation of indigenous films to the Brazilian Ministry of Education for adaptation and large-scale distribution in elementary schools across the country.