Towards Social Inclusion (December 2016)

An analysis of projects funded by the International Fund for Cultural Diversity, through a social inclusion lens, reveals a common priority among public authorities and NGOs of offering opportunities to socioeconomically marginalized groups through their full participation in the creation, production and distribution of cultural goods and services.
The IFCD encourages the participation of artists and cultural entrepreneurs from marginalized populations.
The IFCD promotes the diversity and vitality of the performing arts industries.
Investing in Creativity to Transform Societies

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Promoting the active participation of youth in Paraguay’s cultural industries
Further to UNESCO IFCD funding, a network, consisting of five  youth centres and three cultural organizations, was created to: influence and develop cultural policies; ensure sustainable development  through the inclusion of marginalized youth; and promote the further development of the local cultural and creative industries.

Development of an inter-institutional alliance  between the public sector (local and national government) and private sectors in order to promote local cultural organizations and cultural and creative industries.

Each centre produces their first cultural project (audiovisual, music and theater) to be presented at the local level as well as to public authorities from the National Cultural Secretariat, and other stakeholders from outside the capital Asunción.

Participation of 100 young persons in 40 workshops organized in the  five youth centres in order to develop and strengthen their artistic skills, cultural productions and management capacities.

Launch of campaigns to promote cultural and creative industries development  through printed and social media content, in each youth centre.
Project launch by Asociación Colectivo de Cultura y Participación to map the cultural and creative industries and to promote the active participation of young people, in cooperation with five youth centres in Asunción and surrounding areas (Paraguay).
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The IFCD is the Fund established by the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and its goal is to invest in projects that lead to structural changes, demonstrating the value and opportunities that culture brings to sustainable development processes, in particular to economic growth and the promotion of a decent quality of life.

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