Call for Applications: Drupal Development Services

As part of a wider exercise to support innovative systems of governance for culture and to improve transparency and accountability, the Secretariat of the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the protection and promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions has opened a call for applications for Drupal Development Services.

The Knowledge Management System (KMS) Creativity is a Drupal-based platform that promotes the work of the 2005 Convention by sharing good practices and knowledge and by collecting and systematically organizing complex data. One of the main activities facilitated by the platform is the collection of Quadrennial Periodic Reports on the implementation of the 2005 Convention submitted by parties to the Convention through an online form. The periodic reports submitted are published on the website (see here). The data submitted through the reports are processed and categorized by the Secretariat, and made available for more analytical research through the Policy Monitoring Platform.

With the aim of facilitating the submission of the reports within a more optimized form, and in view of extending the analytical capacity of the platform on the submitted data, the Secretariat intends to upgrade the Periodic Report Submission form and to migrate the existing content into the new structure.

The assignment consists of two lots.

Applicants can apply to one or both lots, on the condition that a formal quote must be submitted for each lot to which they intend to apply.

Lot 1

The contractor will be in charge of:

  • Restructuring the current 2 content types composing the current form into 4 different forms:
    • Periodic Report (exists)
    • Measures (exists) (filled in through inline entity form)
    • Initiatives (new) (filled in through inline entity form)
    • Annexes (new) (filled in through inline entity form)
  • Integrate CiviCRM inline form of existing types or fields regarding People/Organisations,
  • Migrate nodes from the content type “Periodic Report” to it’s restructured entities
  • Optimize the visualization and the loading performance of the form (currently uses Panels and several custom modules to display the content-type form in a multistep wizard interface)
  • Deliver the full solution in 1 independent Drupal Feature Module

Lot 2

The contractor will be in charge of:

  • Migrating previous periodic reports in PDF format (~100 pdf’s) to the newly restructured Periodic Report content types (Periodic Report, Measure, Initiative)
  • Delivery through Drupal Nodes in previously mentioned content types

Companies and individual professionals are invited to send their financial proposal and timeline together with a portfolio of their experience in performing the required the tasks, to:

The deadline for applying to this call: 27th of March 2018.

Please, refer to the call for further information.