Who can apply to the IFCD?

The beneficiaries of the IFCD are the following:

On an exceptional basis, to the limit of available funds from contributions provided by the private sector, micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the private sector active in the cultural field of developing countries that are Parties to the 2005 Convention are entitled to benefit from the IFCD.

So far, the IFCD has not received any contributions from the private sector and therefore SMEs cannot yet apply to the IFCD.

In accordance with the Operational Guidelines on the Use of the Resources of the IFCD, which were approved by the Conference of Parties in June 2013, National Commissions and any other organizations participating in the pre-selection or approval of projects submitted to the UNESCO Secretariat are not eligible for IFCD funding.

* For the purpose of this Convention, civil society means non-governmental organizations, nonprofit organizations, professionals in the culture sector and associated sectors, groups that support the work of artists and cultural communities. Criteria identified in the Operational Guidelines on civil society are: civil society have interests and activities in one or more fields covered by the Convention; they have a legal status in compliance with the established rules of the jurisdiction in the country of registration; they are representative of their respective field of activity, or of the respective social or professional groups they represent.

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