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ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Submission status Score
2017-193 "Redhero online archive" Ulaanbaatar mapping Bodi Dharma Foundation Mongolia NGO 27.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-194 ARROWSA-Indra digital art and technology skills transference and sustainability for redress; regional and international exchange ARROWSA (Reg 088-058 NPO) South Africa NGO 48820.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-195 Promotion de la diversités culturelles San du Nayala. FACNA Burkina Faso NGO 99574.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-196 LEVEE DE RIDEAUX SUR LE THÉÂTRE MALAGASY Ivon-toeran'ny Kolontsaina Malagasy Madagascar NGO 99526.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-197 Structuration du secteur et professionnalisation des acteurs des Arts de la Scène à Bobo-Dioulasso Collectif Sya Ben Burkina Faso NGO 99564.00 Non Recommended 25.5
2017-198 Développement d'un système d'informations sur les industries culturelles au Burkina Faso à travers une plateforme collaborative web Fonds de développement culturel et touristique (FDCT) Burkina Faso Party 97015.00 Non Recommended 19.5
2017-200 Strengthening Culture Sector Project Uganda Uganda Party 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-201 Kibera Slums Artistic Outreach United Cultural Empowerment And Social Community Organization (UCESCO) Kenya NGO 38161.00 Non Recommended 16.5
2017-202 Imibala Indaba(Cross colours) Tarynne Swarts South Africa Party 84000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-203 Enhancing the contribution of the cultural and creative industries to national development in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival Development Corporation Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Party 99980.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-204 Reimaging an institution - Creating opportunities for the expression of cultural diversity in Tajikistan Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments Tajikistan NGO 100000.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-205 Cultural Entrepreneurship through E-Books and digital cultural industry in Zimbabwe. Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association (KLCDA) Zimbabwe NGO 96556.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-206 Video game for cultural diversity Fundación Medialab Quito Ecuador NGO 98.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-208 NFG - Innovative Learning Infrastructure for Entrepreneurial Growth in Cultural Industries Mentors and Founders Serbia NGO 97.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-209 Increasing development opportunities for craft artisans in South Africa through the ancient skill of Indian block print. Imbali Visual Literacy Project South Africa NGO 99996.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-210 Valorisation et promotion du patrimoine culturel des zones Est et Nord de Madagascar, par le projet d'interprétation Lovan-drazana. ONG L'Homme et l'Environnement Madagascar NGO 97848.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-211 CULHUB – platform for networking, education, and support of creative industry and cultural diversities in Serbia School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade (ETF) Serbia Party 98.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-212 Joint the local strategy of the Cultural Entrepreneurship System in the Atlantico state, Colombia, to the National Structure of the Social Laboratories of Culture and Entrepreneurship (LASO , spanish initials), through the creation of a Center of Produ Government of the Atlantico state Colombia Party 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-213 Africa Digital Cultural African Civil Society for the Information Society (ACSIS) Senegal NGO 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-214 Sustaining China’s diverse ethnic minority craft traditions China Arts and Crafts Association China NGO 99871.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-215 Social Cohesion and NAtion Building and Regional Integration Kara Heritage Institute South Africa NGO 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-216 Transforming the handcrafted creative industry of the Highlands of Chiapas to drive sustainable development. Proyecto Impacto Consultores, A.C. Mexico NGO 95000.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-217 Culture Sector Strengthening Project Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development Uganda Party 100000.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-218 MANAGING ARTS EVENTS. A BLENDED LEARNING TRAINING PROGRAM IN AFRICA Goethe-Institut Democratic Republic of the Congo INGO 99120.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-219 Arts et Citoyenneté RESEAU CULTURELE ET ARTISTIQUE POUR LA FORMATION ET LA FRANCOPHONIE (RECAF) Chad NGO 99092.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-220 Harmony of history and modernity: A cohesive music scene at the center of Palestine’s cultural sphere Solomon's Pools for Preservation and Development Palestina NGO 97785.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-221 Sacred buildings of national minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina Međunarodno udruženje naučnih radnika - AIS - International association of scientific workers - AIS Bosnia and Herzegovina NGO 83890.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-222 Cultural Identities and the National Cultural Rights Policy of Costa Rica Asociacion Comunitaria Conservacionista de Turismo Alternativo y Rural ACTUAR Costa Rica NGO 100000.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-224 Capacity Enhancement for creative sector in SVG SVG Association of Music Professionals Saint Vincent and the Grenadines NGO 57040.00 Non Recommended 17
2017-225 Develop strategies to visibilize and promote artists excluded from the mainstream cultural circuit of rural communities of Luján, Argentina Fundación de estudios antropológicos Rubén Pérez Bugallo Argentina NGO 97682.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-226 Synergies Nord-Sud, réflexions et influences stratégiques pour le développement de la création cinématographique mauricienne et régionale dans l’océan Indien Porteurs d'Images Mauritius NGO 99944.00 Non Recommended 18.5
2017-227 Programme de renforcement des cadres existants favorables à l'industrie cinématographique à Madagascar Office Malagasy du Cinéma Madagascar Party 96888.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-228 Les Soirées Partage Les Récréâtrales Burkina Faso NGO 73240.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-229 Introducing Techniques for Adjusting Information and Art to the Needs of Persons with Visual and Hearing Impairments in Moldova Alliance INFONET Republic of Moldova NGO 100.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-230 Developing cultural and creative industries into viable economic sector in Montenegro Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Montenegro NGO 86090.00 Recommended 34
2017-231 Network of Cultural Youth Participation in Yucatan. EFECTO KUXTAL, A.C. Mexico NGO 99948.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-232 Graduate Editorial Training Program RAAW Trust Kenya NGO 96100.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-233 Impact of the Sarajevo Film Festival on the cultural, economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina Obala Art Centar Sarajevo Film Festival Bosnia and Herzegovina NGO 77580.00 Non Recommended 25.5
2017-234 Fundação Julita Legacy (Year Three) - Theater Experience Workshops Julita Foundation Brazil NGO 28057.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-235 Enhancing the dance scene in Kenya through capacity-building and festival organisation Ndoto Trust for Performing Arts Kenya NGO 78190.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-236 Digital platform for Music and Dance Heritage and Creation Boutiq Foundation Uganda NGO 86600.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-237 Pilot project: Cultural industries as drivers of rural economic development ZRPO "Dyvosvit" Ukraine NGO 61349.00 Non Recommended 14.5
2017-238 Network of Cultural and Artistic Self-Management: Native Women of Americas "ENLACE CONTINENTAL DE MUJERES INDÍGENAS DE LAS AMÉRICAS- ECMIA/ & FONDO PARA EL DESARROLLO DE LOS PUEBLOS INDIGENAS DE AMERICA LATINA Y EL CARIBE" Colombia INGO 100000.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-239 Promotion de la convention de 2005 de l’Unesco sur la protection et la promotion de la diversité des expressions culturelles : focus sur les femmes artistes et les professionnels de l’industrie musicale au Sénégal Tringa Musiques et Développement Senegal NGO 94259.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-240 Warieka Hills Rastafari Cultural Entreprenuership Programme University of the West ndies, Mona Jamaica Party 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-241 Integration of computers into primary schools including teacher training, and school Internet access to rural schools in Manica District Alcance O Futuro Mozambique NGO 99967.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-242 The Silent Voices Instituto Canta Gente Boa Brazil NGO 100.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-243 Community Involvement in developing diverse artistic expression and exchange Popular Art Centre Palestina NGO 98200.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-244 Enabling cultural projects throughout Brazil Instituto Incentive Brazil NGO 96000.00 Non Preselected 0