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ID Project Title Name of applicant Country of applicant Type of applicant Amount requested in US$ Submission status Score
2017-70 Empowering University Leadership to Manage Cultural Diversity Bahir Dar University Ethiopia Party 100.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-72 Laboratory of Desing and Cultural Realization in San Juan Culture Ministry of San Juan Argentina Party 100.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-74 Formation en arts plastiques et appliqués Association Académie des Etoiles de la Mode du Burkina Faso Burkina Faso NGO 76124.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-75 Music Diversity: Folk Songs of the Universe "Komitas Museum-Institute" State Non-Commercial Organization Armenia Party 98566.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-81 South Africa and Bostwana Music Twinning Program MASA South Africa NGO 82000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-83 Our Heritage The Jerusalemite Youth Cultural Forum Palestina NGO 90360.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-84 Impact study of Creative Sector development in Montenegro Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Cetinje Montenegro Party 44990.00 Non Recommended 27
2017-85 Proyecto Conexión - Art and technology fair Centro Experimental de Industrias Culturales de Entre Ríos Argentina Party 86.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-86 SACRED BEAUTY SACRED BEAUTY Brazil NGO 85.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-87 Accelerating Cultural Diversity for Palestine through the 2005 Convention Ministry of Culture Palestina Party 89.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-88 Caravana: arte en todas partes Municipio de Colima Mexico Party 94766.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-89 Development of an Arts and Culture Sectoral Policy for Rural District Councils in Zimbabwe. Association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe NGO 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-90 Promoting tales from the slums: enhancing capacities, skills and partnerships in film production Poverty Eradication Network Kenya NGO 97484.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-91 ccacomores.tumblr.com Centre de Création Artistique et Culturelle des Comores Comoros NGO 100000.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-92 Implementing cultural industry cluster to art market by encouraging young artists career Mongolian Art and Culture Education Academy Mongolia NGO 99.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-95 Publishing books on CD and magazines "Svjetlo misli" The Library for the blind and visually impaired in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Party 71664.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-96 Developing the production of Nubian Culture services and establishing visual bank for Nubian culture Border center for Support and Consulting Egypt NGO 63976.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-97 Diversity of Baiga Primitive Tribes of Mandla District , Madhya Pradesh Krishak Sahyog Sansthan India NGO 77680.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-98 Avant-garde of Kharkiv NGO "Playing man" Ukraine NGO 25.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-99 Developing and Promoting "Kendari Werk", the Traditional Silvercraft of Kendari, Indonesia Lembaga Kajian Sosial dan Budaya (LEKAS) Indonesia NGO 87400.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-100 Chess Culture Hasmik Hovhannisyan Armenia NGO 100000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-101 Strenghtening and Networking for the Cultural Industries in Cali and Valle del Cauca Region - Colombia Luis Miguel Alvarez Venegas Colombia Party 90.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-102 The Annual selection and awarding winners with the international prize of Ivan Franko CO Ivan Franko International Fund Ukraine NGO 34481.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-104 “We Are One” Festival: Awareness and Behavioral Change towards Mental and Physical Disability. Teklu Ashager Ethiopia NGO 96248.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-105 New technologies of art education - inclusion processes for students with intellectual disabilities Instituto Bem Cultural Brazil NGO 100.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-106 DEVELOPMENT OF ETHNIC WOMEN-LED BUSINESS UTILIZING THE INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) Viet Nam NGO 90741.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-107 Laboratory for the artistic creation of artworks for early childhood Corporación Cultural Materile Colombia NGO 99500.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-108 Revitalisation des danses patrimoniales Sénégalaises Association Jant Bi Senegal NGO 100000.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-113 Cultural Project Thursday Folk Robert Sinclair de Andrade Brazil INGO 50.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-116 The Kitchen of the Quilombos - Territories, Memories and Knowledge Cultural Association for the Development of Human Technologies Brazil NGO 100.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-117 Curta Maria! Casa da Educação Anísio Teixeira Brazil NGO 100.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-118 Dynamisation du secteur des arts plastiques à Yaoundé CIPCA Cameroon NGO 23800.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-119 caravane Libres ensemble Guignard France INGO 90000.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-120 Renforcement de la diversité des expressions culturelles au Cameroun: Vecteur de la paix et de la cohésion sociale Approches Locales pour le Développement Durable (ALDED) Cameroon NGO 98655.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-121 Creative Power Station Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche Argentina Party 95989.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-122 Training of new puppeteers and clowns of Valparaíso Foundation Theatre-museum of the puppet and clown Chile NGO 99092.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-123 "Weaving creative communities: Strengthening the governance of civil society in culture and the integration of creative industry actors, in contexts of geographic isolation" Cultural Agrupation CapaNegra Chile NGO 43162.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-125 DIT Universidad San Franciso de Quito Ecuador NGO 4820.00 Pending Preselection 0
2017-126 Cultural Youth Centre East Africa (CYCEA) Danceteam Africa United Republic of Tanzania NGO 96.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-127 Social media network for young creative talents TALENT WORLD Public organization “PERSPEKTIVA 2020” Ukraine NGO 94112.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-128 Development of a mobile technology tool fostering the creation, production, distribution, and access to the cultural diversity of the city of Rio de Janeiro INSTITUTO DE ESTUDOS SOBRE O RIO DE JANEIRO-IERJ Brazil NGO 99000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-129 ujamaa kaami arts Rwanda NGO 82.00 Non Elegible 0
2017-130 Appropriation, renforcement et promotion du cinéma latino-américain à travers la plataforme numérique régionale du cinéma Retina Latina www.retinalatina.org Ministère de la Culture colombien - Direction de la Cinématographie Colombia Party 99986.00 Recommended 33
2017-131 Indigenous Culture Fair Opcao Brasil Brazil NGO 80.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-132 Creating Children's theatre group "Puppet Theatre" with the participation of children with disabilities in Slavuta City Palace of Culture Communal Institution "Slavuta City Palace of Culture Ukraine Party 10000.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-133 Promoting Agro Green Training Center and Empowering Low Income Communities for the Sustainable Culture Heritage Future in Indonesia Yayasan TRISAKTI ARUM LESTARI (YTAL Foundation) Indonesia NGO 94987.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-134 Théâtre Au Quartier (T.A.Q.) Association Théâtre En Folie Cameroon NGO 87820.00 Non Preselected 0
2017-135 Strengthening local cultural chains and networks in four Brazilian mid-sized cultural poles Cebrap - Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (Brazilian Centre of Analysis and Planning) Brazil NGO 95336.00 Recommended 31