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IFCD | Results of the last cycle

Digital, media, and fundraising skills empowerment for lesser known cultural groups' culture producing entities of Jordan

Project ID: 2017-34
Name of applicant:
Jordan Heritage
Country of applicant:
Type of applicant:
Amount requested:
Beneficiary country(ies):
Non Elegible
Total Score: 0

IFCD Application form - Anonymous - 11/04/2017 - 9:46pm

Submission Information
Please review and agree to the three terms and conditions below:: 
Commit to respect the provisions of paragraph 25 of the Guidelines.
Acknowledge that, in the case of approval, a funding contract will be signed both by UNESCO and the applicant.
Certify that all information contained in this application is truthful. I also certify that any documents provided in support of my application are authentic and accurate.
Full Name of the representative of the applicant as Signature: 
Firas Khlaifat

IFCD Submissions details

Preselection | National Commissions Review

IFCD Preselection form - larafozan - 14/05/2017 - 10:03am

1. Name and contact details of officer from the National Commission for UNESCO
Family name: 
Given name: 
culture and science section employee
Amman - Jordan
P.O Box: 1646 Amman 11118
00962 779550284
2. Justification of pre-selection
What are the main reasons for having pre-selected this project proposal, as compared to other proposals received by the National Commission for UNESCO?: 
- This project will teach cultural groups' entities that are lesser known to the wider Jordanian audience how to utilize technology and work around their disadvantages by gaining the skills and knowledge to utilize new means of creation and promote their culture in new ways. - Priority will be given to women owned and/or managed entities to combat inequality. - the institution (Jordan heritage) is well known in the cultural sector and reliable.
3. The applicant institution/organization
What elements demonstrate that the applicant institution/organization is a significant stakeholder in the culture sector (locally / nationally / internationally)?: 
- the applicant is well known cultural entity and has many successful activities and cultural local, national and international events (as this is clear through their social media network and publications). - the applicant has significant partnerships with national and international entities regarding culture.
4. Relevance of the pre-selected project proposal
4.1. What are the main current needs and priorities in your country in terms of cultural policies and/or cultural industries?: 
- Youth and women empowerment. - Raising awareness regarding the cultural changing and the importance of acceptance of the others. - Improving income in disadvantaged areas.
4.2. How do the objectives of this pre-selected project proposal meet the current needs and priorities of the country in terms of cultural policies and/or cultural industries?: 
It targets women and aims to improve families income and insure sustainability, creation, production and distribution of cultural goods and services.
4.3. To what extent do you expect this pre-selected project proposal to have an impact on the country’s cultural policies and/or cultural industries?: 
it has good impact; since it is socially interactive and has a wide range of actives and arranged events that support Jordan's cultural polices and the development of the cultural industries.
5. Feasibility of the pre-selected project proposal
5.1. What elements demonstrate the applicant’s organizational capacity and competence to manage the project and implement the work plan?: 
the applicant has considerable effort in documenting Jordan's cultural heritage, through its publications and social media network. the applicant is capable to implement national and international events and projects due the experience it has build up in the cultural sector.
5.2. What types of procedures have been foreseen by the applicant institution/organization to ensure financial accountability?: 
the applicant received governance and financial guidelines from "Earnst and Young" early on in its first year of inception, this ensured that all financial policies and procedures follow international best practices.
6. Other information
Please indicate other contextual information that the IFCD Panel of Experts should take into consideration when evaluating the pre-selected project proposal.: 
the applicant has contacted us to inform that they weren't able to submit some parts of their application on the platform due to technical error. so kindly if there is any inquires about the project other than the provided by the applicant don't hesitate to contact.
7. The pre-selection process at the national level

Nasser Sedder

Full name: 
Nasser Sedder
jordan national commession for UNESCO
head of culture and science section

Dr. Hikmat al Nawaiseh

Full name: 
Dr. Hikmat al Nawaiseh
Ministry of Culture
Director of Cultural Heritage Directorate
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Full Name of the representative of the National Commission as Signature: 

IFCD Submissions details

Eligibility | Technical Assessment

IFCD Eligibility form - n_ametller - 30/10/2017 - 4:39pm

Eligibility Status: 
Non eligible
Reasons for non-eligibility: 
The project proposal does not respect paragraph 6.8 of the Guidelines on the Use of Resources of the IFCD, according to which the funds should be spent principally on project activities and ensuring minimum overhead costs of 30%.
Technical Examination
Submitted by the deadline: 
Application Form submitted either in English or French: 
Maximum amount requested is US$ 100,000 or below: 
Project implementation period is between 12 and 24 months: 
All sections of the Form are completed: 
Signature of applicant: 
The applicant does not have an ongoing IFCD funded project: 
Falls within the areas of intervention of IFCD: 
Party to the 2005 Convention from developing countries: 
National Commission Review Form: 
Signature of National Commission: 
Official document/ statutes (with English or French translation if necessary):