How to apply to the IFCD?

New IFCD email address:

The application should be completed in either English or French.

1. Create your account for the On-line Application Platform at: (for English) (for French)

Only one application can be submitted per account.

2. Once you receive your login and password by email, log in to the on-line application platform and start developing your application. You may log in and log out from the On-line Application Platform several times. Please save your application each time, before logging out.

3. Consult the IFCD Annotated Guide to help you prepare a successful application.

4. Don’t forget to attach the following required documents in the “Project documents” section according to the different type of applicant:

For Parties and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

  1. Official document demonstrating that your organization is a public authority/institution or an NGO from a developing country that is a Party to the UNESCO 2005 Convention, with a translation of this document into English or French if necessary;

For International non-governmental organizations (INGOs)

  1. Applications by INGOs must demonstrate a sub-regional, regional or inter-regional impact through letters of support from governmental authorities from each of the beneficiary countries in the targeted sub-region/region(s) that ensure the project is relevant and meets the beneficiary’s needs and priorities;

In the context of the IFCD funding process, regional refers to a group or cluster of countries, not a territory within a single country.

The INGOs are also required to demonstrate the international character of the organization through the following documents:

  1. Official document proving your legal status as an international NGO;
  2. Document demonstrating that membership (both institutional and individual) is international such as a list of members of the organization and the countries of origin;
  3. Document proving that recent activities have been carried out in several countries around the world.

All these documents should be accompanied with a translation into English or French if necessary.

5. Read and accept the terms of condition by clicking on the boxes in the “Submit proposal” section.

6. As the last step, sign and submit the application.

* Once you click on the Submit button, you will not be able to come back to your application to make any further changes.

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