Periodic Report France

Executive summary


The commitment of France to the values of cultural diversity and the principles of the Convention is reflected in the design and implementation of its cultural policy.  

In regards to cultural industries, Government intervention aims to provide a legislative and regulatory framework adapted to their development in terms of diversity, creation and diffusion to all sectors concerned, as well as automatic aid to ensure overall auto-financing of the sector, and selective aid on a project basis.

France was among the most adamant advocates of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and wishes to remain so. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and their agents, as well as the diplomatic posts, universities and other civil society bodies, regularly take the initiative of organizing ad hoc events to promote the Convention. 

One of the foreign cultural policy missions of France is to "promote dialogue between cultures and cultural diversity, particularly for the benefit of developing countries":  

  • France is working to strengthen the cultural sector in developing countries in liaison with the French cultural network abroad (French Institutes, Alliances françaises), which pursues an active cooperation policy, the major thrusts of which are: support for the development of cultural policies, the development of cultural industries and strengthening of their sub-sectors, as well as support to professionals and artists;
  • In the various international fora, France upholds the legitimate right of States to develop cultural policies;
  • France also defends consideration of the specificity of cultural goods and services and preservation of the flexibility of States in the domain of cultural policy in the context of the negotiation of economic and trade agreements between the European Union and third countries in accordance with its Communication published in 2009 "For a new cultural strategy outside of the European Union".  


  • Work towards the application of the Convention in the digital arena: enabling true cultural diversity on the Internet, the defense of copyright and intellectual property, access to more varied and improved content and quality, and better media education;
  • Raise general public awareness of the Convention and its principles and rally civil society around the issues of the Convention.  


  • Emphasize the need to increase the resources allocated to the Convention and particularly to the IFCD;
  • Encourage ratification of the Convention around the world and promote it to international authorities;
  • Reaffirm the contribution of the Convention to development policies;
  • Assist countries with which France cooperates to effectively implement the Convention;
  • Ensure that the provisions of the Convention are mentioned in bilateral and regional agreements.