Intergovernmental Committee

The Convention has two governing bodies: the Conference of Parties and the Intergovernmental Committee.

The Intergovernmental Committee is composed of 24 elected representatives of the Conference of Parties for a period of four years.  The Intergovernmental Committee is to meet on an annual basis and may meet in extraordinary session at the request of at least two thirds of its Members to address specific issues. 



Functions of the Committee

The functions of the Committee include:

  • promoting the objectives of the Convention and encouraging and monitoring its implementation;
  • preparing operational guidelines for the implementation of the provisions of the Convention;
  • transmitting to the Conference of Parties quadrennial periodic reports from Parties, together with its comments and a summary of their contents;
  • making recommendations to be taken in situations brought to its attention by Parties;
  • establishing procedures and other mechanisms for consultation aimed at promoting the objectives and principles of this Convention in other international forums;
  • deciding on projects/programmes to be funded by the International Fund for Cultural Diversity.

Article 23 of the Convention outlines the main responsibilities of the Intergovernmental Committee.

The Committee may invite at any time public or private organizations or individuals to participate in its meetings for consultation on specific issues in accordance with its Rules of Procedure.

Committe membersTerm of Office
Group I
Germany2015 - 2019
Austria2013 - 2017
France2015 - 2019
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
2013 - 2017
Group II
Belarus2013 - 2017
Lithuania2013 - 2017
Czechia2015 - 2019
Slovakia2015 - 2019
Group III
Brazil2015 - 2019
Paraguay2015 - 2019
Peru2015 - 2019
Saint Lucia2013 - 2017
Uruguay2013 - 2017
Group IV
Afghanistan2013 - 2017
Australia2013 - 2017
Indonesia2015 - 2019
Group V(a)
Côte d’Ivoire 2015 - 2019
Ethiopia2013 - 2017
Madagascar2013 - 2017
Nigeria2015 - 2019
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2015 - 2019
Group V(b)
United Arab Emirates2013 - 2017
Morocco2015 - 2019
Tunisia2013 - 2017