Offering opportunities to women with disabilities

The project aims to provide professional training in design, arts and crafts for young women with disabilities in the city of Yaoundé and to raise awareness of the socio-economic value of the local arts and crafts sector. These main objectives are interdependent and complementary; activities will strengthen Yaoundé’s arts and crafts cultural industry by building up the artistic and entrepreneurial skills of these women. Finally, the project seeks to create a framework for consultation, exchange and awareness raising among stakeholders operating in the field of the cultural industries.
Project manager:
Adé Adeline Mofogne NDE
Beneficiary countries:
  • Cameroon
Funds allocated:
US $ 32.701,00
Project implementation period:
March, 2013 to January, 2014


“In Cameroon, women have a lot of responsibilities, for example, taking care of the family and sometimes, even help provide for the household. And yet, they don’t have the right to express themselves freely because it’s frowned upon, culturally. So, we understand that by giving women access to express themselves artistically, what we are doing is trying to use culture to change the culture”.