Indigenous filmmakers producing children's programming

Indigenous filmmakers producing children's programming in BrazilIndigenous filmmakers producing children's programming in Brazil
This project aims to provide training to indigenous filmmakers with a focus on producing children's programming and introduction of this culturally diverse content in classrooms across Brazil.This project is also strengthening the skills of indigenous filmmakers already active. The objective is to broaden the range of films created, produced, distributed and consumed in Brazil with the culturally diverse content produced by indigenous communities.
Project manager:
Vincent Carelli
Executive Secretary
Beneficiary countries:
  • Brazil
Funds allocated:
US $ 97.580,00
Project implementation period:
February, 2012 to February, 2013
Two video workshops to train young indigenous film makers in production and editing in Brazil were organized


A group of Brazilian primary school children giggle, dance and move around as they watch indigenous children imitating Michael Jackson on-screen. “Is this Brazil?” they discuss after watching the film about the modern realities of their indigenous counterparts.