Promoting Caribbean Music to North American Markets

Promoting Caribbean Music to North American MarketsPromoting Caribbean Music to North American Markets
This project aims to send five to eight local music professionals from Barbados to perform at the 2013 NACA Convention in Nashville. Participation to this event will enable selected artists to reach young American audiences and secure longer term opportunities in the North American music market.
Project manager:
Georges Thomas
Beneficiary countries:
  • Barbados
Funds allocated:
US $ 100.000,00
Project implementation period:
March, 2012 to July, 2013


Excitement was high among the hundreds of American college students queuing to get into Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Nashville, Tennessee – a town many consider to be the world’s music capital. Barbados Night On was the draw. A show with four outstanding Barbadian bands promising to charm the crowds with a mixture of Soca, reggae, pop and rock rhythms.