Professionalizing performing artists

Professionalizing the cultural sector in ChadProfessionalizing the cultural sector in Chad
The International Theater Institute intends to carry out training activities for theater professionals in Chad. The project is expected to foster new initiatives and reinforce the country’s performing arts capabilities and the theater industry overall. Conducted activities include: delivering training for theatre professionals in the fields of management and communication; organizing technical/methodological meetings between artists and other relevant professionals; and setting up music and theatre residencies involving experts and trainers;
Project manager:
Toobias Biancone
Secrétaire général
Beneficiary countries:
  • Chad
Funds allocated:
US $ 100.000,00
Project implementation period:
April, 2011 to April, 2012
Recorded and distributed two music and theater productions through local TV, DVDs and CDs in six distribution points throughout the country.
Created the website to promote and distribute works of artists from Chad, Cameroon and the Central African Republic.
Trained 14 directors and managers working in the performing arts sector in administration and management of cultural businesses and organizations. Following this workshop, trainees proceeded to replicate the experience in their respective hometowns.


Armed conflict has devastated Chad and has long plunged this land-locked nation into cultural and artistic isolation. In an effort to help revitalize Chad’s cultural industries, the Maoundoh Culture Theatre and the International Theatre Institute organized intensive artistic training and cultural management forums. By mobilizing all cultural sectors and organizing meetings of artists, the initiative helped renew the perception of culture in Chad and professionalize the sector.