Vocational training to reinforce employment in the performing arts

A vocational school creates new job options
The project, conducted by the Fundacion Teatro Argentino de la Plata, aims to create a performing arts and technical training school aimed at unemployed adults and youth in Argentina. Regional scholarships will be provided. The Institute of Culture of the Province of Buenos Aires and the National Ministry of Labor are important partners, in particular to help with job placements following the training program.
Project manager:
Leandro Torres
Beneficiary countries:
  • Argentina
Funds allocated:
US $ 100.000,00
Project implementation period:
August, 2011 to May, 2012
Trained 610 youth in a one-year course in stage management, costume design and creative writing in Argentina.


"The highlight of my training was the request I received from an events company to create their wardrobe!" Stage designer Diana Carabello said. 

"It is very rare for artists to find affordable training and development opportunities that are practical" she added. Diana completed a one-year stage design and tailoring course at a new vocational school for performing arts in La Plata, outside the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, supported by UNESCO. 

With a rich and varied tradition of music, dance, theatre, cinema, literature and design, creative industries in Argentina are booming. This vibrant sector employs some 300,000 people and represents 3.5% of the country’s GDP. While market demand for skilled practitioners is also on the rise, many talented young people find it hard to break into this area.